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UK’s first low sugar and gluten free twin finger chocolate protein bar launches  

The new twin finger chocolate bar contains 12 times less sugar than its mainstream twin finger confectionery rival with less than 1g of sugar and only 113 calories per bar.  

The 21.5g Protein Break bar offers ‘snack-attackers’ and families a tasty, guilt-free alternative compared to its sugar-laden competitors - and it even has the iconic twin finger look.  

Packed with protein and with no added sugar, Protein Break is a new gluten-free bar that combines real Belgian chocolate with a delicate chocolate cream and crisp wafer. 

Protein Break is the world’s first twin finger 21.5g chocolate protein bar and has been developed by Novo Nutrition, with no artificial colours or preservatives, in a bid to get the nation eating more healthily and consciously when choosing snacks. 

The aim is to offer affordable protein snacks to all the family to satisfy cravings and maintain a nutritionally balanced diet without the need for high sugar treats. The household competitor of the same bar has a staggering 51g of sugar per 100g. 

Packed full of protein instead of sugar, offering 3.4g of protein and only 0.9g of sugar per bar, Protein Break can now give chocolate eaters healthy benefits without compromising taste. Snackers can sustain energy levels, increase their metabolic rate and stay fuller for longer - thus avoiding the sugar slump that is inevitable after high sugar treats, along with the craving for more.  

Andrew continued: “In our fast-paced lives, we don’t always have time for eating clean, so this means we need to try to make consciously-healthy food and snack choices. After working in fitness for over 20 years, here at Novo we understand the value of protein and we wanted to create a wholesome and tasty chocolate bar that’s as good as the nation’s go-to bar but can be enjoyed by all the family.” 

Protein Break is already on sale in selected WH Smiths Newsagents around the UK, and unlike other 20g protein bars on the shelves it doesn’t hit the pocket quite as hard. It is currently sold at a special introductory price of 59p (79p RRP, after promotion), therefore making healthier protein snacks more affordable for all the family  

Andrew concluded: “We’re raising the game and want to offer UK consumers an affordable and convenient chocolate bar, handy in size that it can fit into any bag or lunch box. Taste is never compromised, and we want to help consumers make healthier food choices for today and tomorrow.”   

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